About Us

Tidewater Cellars is owned and operated by Brad Jones, a native Richmonder and former sommelier and wine buyer. Brad worked for and learned from the only Court of Master Sommeliers Level 3 husband-and-wife team in the world, earning his own CMS certification along the way. He then spent eleven years as sales director for the historic Buckingham Slate quarry. After its subsequent purchase by a publicly-traded company, Brad's love for wine drew him back into the industry.

Brad's approach is to foster a community of wine lovers who want to drink great wines at a variety of price points, while expanding their wine knowledge along the way. Tidewater offerings are neither dumbed-down, nor are they so esoteric that the average wine drinker won't appreciate them. Above all we shun the truly "average" wines, some of which are also quite expensive. Simplicity is also a guiding principle, whether it's our smaller selection of thoughtfully curated wines or our customer-friendly delivery service. Tidewater is a little about hedonism and a little about value. In short, a sensible approach to wine buying.

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