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The first thing you might notice is our collection. Tidewater Cellars is no Total Wine and our shop is kept simple by only stocking wines that offer the highest possible value. Tidewater offerings are neither dumbed-down, nor are they so esoteric that the average wine drinker won't appreciate them. This includes overlooked producers and regions, as well as highly sought-after classics. You have the option of a basic shopping membership all the way to a completely customized, automated wine delivery based on your preferences. Explore our membership options below.

Personalized Memberships

Memberships are designed to fit all types of taste and knowledge levels. If you are new to wine, we have entry level memberships tailored to minimize cost while developing preferences.

Free Local Delivery

Each membership level includes free delivery of your wine. Whether you are picking them out yourself or awaiting your monthly curated box, Tidewater delivers to you.

Sourcing your Favorites

In addition to our curated selections, members may order their own preferred wines at any time with free local delivery. Tidewater makes wine buying easy, whether it's your pick or ours.

Not Your Average Wine Calculator

How Much Wine Will You Need Per Person?

Knowing how much wine to have on hand is an important part of hosting. Whether you're having an intimate dinner or a huge party with all your friends, our calculator can help you determine how much wine to buy.

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Annual Membership
Annual Membership

Annual Membership

Tidewater Members have full access to the online shop and all site content. Delivery is also included for all 6 bottle minimum purchases. Tidewater Members may also order any of their favorite wines whether it's featured in our shop or not. Just ask.

NOTE: This is an annual membership and members will be charged $125 each year.

At this time memberships are only available to Richmond & surrounding area Virginia Residents.

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The Basic Shopping Membership

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Old Vines Membership

A Fully Curated Membership

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Grand Cru Membership

Our Bespoke Wine Service

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Tidewater Cellars does the partnership business differently. Whether it's a gift for an important client or thoughtful wines for a social gathering- we make it simple.

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